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Hardware of the Past Closeouts

Limited Supply!

If you are interested in buying entire lots of any of these items, please call us at 1-800-447-9974; or, e-mail us at hopinfo@hardwareofthepast.com
Please Note: These Items are on Clearance and are not returnable.
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LS-0755 Plain Bail - Iron


Our Price: $0.70
LS-118 Deco Drawer Pull - Brass

LS-118 (Formerly B-0684)

Our Price: $4.68
LS-119 Deco Drawer Pull - Brass

LS-119 (Formerly B-0686)

Our Price: $6.92
LS-120 Chippendale Drawer Pull - Brass - 2"

LS-120 (Formerly B-0875)

Our Price: $6.28
LS-121 Chippendale Drawer Pull - Brass - 2-1/2"

LS-121 (Formerly B-0885)

Our Price: $6.54
LS-122 Chippendale Drawer Pull - Brass - 3"

LS-122 (Formerly B-0895)

Our Price: $7.53
LS-124 Decorative Coat Hook with Hat Hook - Brass

LS-124 (Formerly B-0966)

Our Price: $4.19
LS-129 Nickel Plated Bin Pull

LS-129 (Formerly N-1310)

Our Price: $4.80
LS-130 Cast Brass Cabinet Latch

LS-130 (Formerly B-1401)

Our Price: $6.34
LS-132 Concave Chrome Knob - 1-1/16"dia

LS-132 (Formerly N-0361)

Our Price: $0.89
LS-134 Hepplewhite Pedestal Pull - Basketweave - Antq Brass

LS-134 (Formerly AB-1222)

Our Price: $12.08
LS-135 Brushed Nickel Drawer Pull - 2-1/2"CC

LS-135 (Formerly N-0783)

Our Price: $5.49
LS-136 Brushed Nickel Drawer Pull - 1-1/2"CC

LS-136 (Formerly N-0784)

Our Price: $5.49
LS-137 Brushed Nickel Drawer Pull - 3-3/4"CC

LS-137 (Formerly N-0792)

Our Price: $5.49
LS-138 Brushed Nickel Drawer Pull - 5"CC

LS-138 (Formerly N-0793)

Our Price: $8.78
LS-139 Brushed Nickel Drawer Pull - 5"CC

LS-0139 (Formerly N-0794)

Our Price: $11.00
LS-140 Split Socket for Large Caster

LS-140 (Formerly F-2440)

Our Price: $0.59
LS-144 Black Leather Trunk Hangle

LS-144 (Formerly L-4202)

Our Price: $17.64
LS-145 Interior Trunk Tray Latch

LS-145 (Formerly B-4150)

Our Price: $1.49
LS-146 Interior Trunk Tray Catch

LS-146 (Formerly B-4170)

Our Price: $1.16